A trillion dollar opportunity

to turn carbon emissions

into revenue streams.



Leveraging carbontech

to create a win-win for

climate and commerce.

At RoCo, we are developing a carbontech process which will significantly lower  capital and operating costs of CO2 capture and utilization. This will provide a major incentive to big fossil fuel users and high emission operators to recycle and repurpose their CO2 waste into marketable products. In short, our innovation will create new revenue streams and a vibrant, greener future.

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We are designing materials to reduce 

carbon emissions

and improve


natural systems.


Material innovators who

care for the environment

and for the bottom line.

RoCo is run by scientists who have years of hands-on expertise in the area of CO2 capture and utilization. We have long-term partnerships with entities that work to advance CarbonTech including the US Department of Energy and the National Energy Technology Laboratory. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, we also have access to top-notch experts and world-class labs at Carnegie Mellon University.

Leading innovation


CEO & Co-founder, Hunaid Nulwala, received his Ph.D. in polymer chemistry, and brings over 20 years’ experience in research and development of innovative materials in industry, academia and government institutions. Before founding RoCo, he earned his stripes at Carnegie Mellon University, NETL and Kodak.


Co-founder & Lead Research Chemist, Xu Zhou, brings over 12 years’ experience in the development of functional polymers, ionic materials and polymeric composites for various applications including carbontech. She received her Ph.D. in polymer chemistry from Virginia Tech, and honed her skills at LumiShield Technologies and NETL.


Tom Northrop is the former publisher of the Observer-Reporter, Washington, PA. During his 38-year newspaper career, he worked in all departments, primarily with responsibility for production and business operations, and retired in October 2018. He is a graduate of Marietta College and the Rochester Institute of Technology. 


Francis Cleetus is an experienced creative director who has developed 360º advertising campaigns for global brands like Maker's Mark bourbon, Crest toothpaste and Nike apparel at ad agencies in India, Hong Kong and the US. His work has crossed geographic as well as cultural borders and won a host of creative awards.

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